Bad Team Offseasons

Wow! Some teams seemingly had terrible offseasons. I’d say that the worst ones were the Eagles and Dolphins. Let’s recap some of their moves:


Oh boy. I feel bad for that fan base. That franchise has probably removed itself from the playoff picture for the next three years. Good news is, they’ll have a shot at Connor Cook next year!

Signed DeMarco Murray (5 years, $8 Mil/Year, 45% Guaranteed)

How did this happen?! Seriously?! DeMarco Murray has played one full year in his injury-riddled career. This latest year was just a fluke. Plus, he was only able to dominate with Dallas’ top-notch O-Line. $18 Million Guaranteed?! This truly baffles me.

Signed Byron Maxwell (6 years, $10.5 Mil/Year, 35% Guaranteed)

This was bad. I laughed when I saw these numbers; they make Byron Maxwell the 5th highest paid CB right now. Maxwell is a clear product of the Seahawks system. I would need all of my fingers and my toes if I wanted to count every CB better than Maxwell. Richard Sherman only makes $3.5 Million less every year, but Sherman receives less guaranteed money. I can’t wrap my head around this contract.


This franchise has no signs of becoming any smarter. They haven’t had any hope since the Wildcat ages. Tannehill isn’t progressing very well at all, and they still need a speedy WR.

Signed Ndamukong Suh ($19.1 Mil/Year, 52% Guarenteed)

Maybe the worst signing this free agency. Miami has so many holes, namely at Quarterback and Wide Receiver, so paying QB money to a DT is mind-boggling. Ndamukong Suh isn’t the best defensive player EVER! Yet, he’s being paid like he is.


Dolphins trade

  • Mike Wallace
  • 7th Round Selection

To Vikings for

  • 5th Round Selection

Wow. Just, wow. Why don’t the Dolphins like offense? Philbin won’t be back next year. They have no apparent talent, save for Kenny Stills. But Stills isn’t a WR1. Nor will their 5th Round Selection.


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