Marcus Mariota Tennessee

Tennessee Must Draft Marcus Mariota:

Assuming Tampa Bay takes Jameis Winston at number one, Tennessee will have a major decision at number two in this year’s NFL Draft. Either they’ll take Marcus Mariota, Leonard Williams, or Dante Fowler Jr.

Tennessee does not have a definitive franchise quarterback. Zach Mettenberger was merely a 6th Round Selection last year. Granted, he would’ve been drafted higher if he didn’t have character concerns. But, he wasn’t a huge commitment. There is a reason that Tennessee is drafting at number two this year.

Defensive players should not be drafted in the top three, unless there is a major talent. The last two defensive players drafted in the top three are Jadeveon Clowney and Dion Jordan. The misconception that they are safer than quarterbacks has been disproven. Many still believes that Leonard Williams will be drafted at number two. I’m honestly not sure, but I hope that Tennessee doesn’t take a defensive player.

Since 2009, the teams that have drafted a quarterback in the top two are: Indianapolis, Washington, Carolina, St. Louis, and Detroit. Three of those five teams made the postseason last year. Drafting a quarterback in the top two is almost crucial for teams that have need at the position.

Marcus Mariota is the perfect man to lead this team. Zach Mettenberger disheartened Tennessee’s players last season. Mariota won’t be taking selfies and angering opposing players. He will help their offensive line problems, because Mariota can move within and outside of the pocket.

I don’t know what Tennessee will do. I really don’t know. But if I were Ruston Webster, I’d take Marcus Mariota, no questions asked.


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