2016: The Draft of the Kicker

If you read my First 2016 NFL Mock Draft, you may notice that I included, not one, but two kickers in my one round mock draft. Since the turn of the millennium, only two kickers have been drafted in the first two rounds of the NFL Draft. But this year is different. The value of the kicker is increased with the new rule changes, and the kickers in this draft class are ultra-talented. Lets look at Sebastian Janikowski’s and Mike Nugent’s college stats, who were the two aforementioned players. I’ll also compare them to the two best kickers this year, Brad Craddock and Roberto Aguayo:

Player FG% LONG 1-39 % 40-49 % 50+ %
Janikowski 81%  56 yd
Nugent 82%
Craddock 82% 57 yd 91% 84% 57%
Aguayo 92% 53 yd 100% 82% 80%

We don’t have elaborate stats on either Nugent or Janikowski, but it seems pretty evident that Craddock and Aguayo have better college careers. I’ll add them in the chart if I can somehow find them.

With the extra point increasing to a 15 yard kick, it’s possible that the two kickers will be drafted early.


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